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i love shoes…except for the laces and the shoes..but i love the rest

i love clothes…except for the fabric and the styles…but i love the rest.

I love sex… Except for the penetration and orgasms… But I love the rest

i love dancing…except for the movement and music….but i love the rest

I love showers…expect for the water and the soap but I love the rest.

I love music…expect for the lyrics and the beat…but I love the rest.

I love Kool-aid……… except for the mix and the water… but I love the rest.

I love winter…. except for the cold and the holidays but I love the rest.

I love trees… except the branches and the leaves but i love the rest.

I  Like potato chips…. except the potato and the chips but i love the rest 

I love stuffed animals except for the soft & pluffy stuff but I love the rest ..

I love lamps except for the bulb, the stand, and the wire plug..i love the rest

I love my birthday…… except the birthday part and the presents.

I love oreos….except the cookie and the filling but i love the rest. 

I love food….. except the taste and the smell but I love the rest :) 

I love women,except for the vagina and the nagging,but I love the rest.

I love clothes.. except for the cloth and the design but I love the rest.

i love boys … except for the penis and the annoyance, but I love the rest

I love the mall … except for the stores and the people, but I love the rest.

I love books … except for the pages and the words, but I love the rest.

I love the pool…except the water and the people, but I love the rest.

I love the internet…except for the websites and google, but I love the rest.

I love life… Except for the breathing and the living, but I love the rest.

 I love bras… Except for the support and straps, but I love the rest.

I love sandwiches.. except for the bread and the stuff inside it, but I love the rest.

I love tumblr…except for all the posts and all the people, but I love the rest.

I love music, except for all the noise and vocals, but I love all the rest.

I love this post, except for the text and the picture, but i fucking love the rest. 

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